• Multilingual Parenting
  • Multilingual Parenting is getting (re)organised!
  •   Since starting the blog in 2012 I have published more than four hundred articles on my Multilingual Parenting site. 400 articles – that is a lot of posts and Q&As on the topic of raising bilingual children! With this a significant number of articles, I realise that it may not always be easy to [...]
  • 7 challenges and solutions for raising a bilingual child
  • 7 challenges and solutions for raising a bilingual child
  • Parents who want to bring up their kids to speak the family languages can learn a lot from those families who have been successful at bringing up bilingual children. However, I also think that a great deal can be learnt from parents whose children grew up not becoming fluent in the family’s minority language. It is equally [...]
  • Bilingual family dilemmas
  • Bilingual family dilemmas
  • Living in a bilingual family brings with it a lot of joy – but also some particular dilemmas, some of them funny, but quite challenging nonetheless! How to address everyone in the family at the same time You would think asking everyone to come and eat would be straight-forward. In a bilingual family you end up [...]

  • 12 things parents of bilingual children need to know
  • 12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know
  • This post is also available in the following languages (click on the picture to read the post). More translations to follow: 1 – It doesn’t happen by magic Children do not become bilingual “by magic”. There is a persistent myth claiming that “children are like sponges when it comes to language” and that they will [...]

  • Multilingual Family with English, Spanish and French in Spain
  • Multilingual Family with English, Spanish (and French) in Spain
  • Today I can present to you another delightful multilingual family: Lisa, Ed, Joshua and Francesca who speak English as a family and live in Spain. You may already know Lisa as the driving force behind the site Cooking With Languages and the children’s activity cookbook with the same name. Family languages: English, Spanish (and Spanglish)  [...]


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