Book - Bringing up a Bilingual Child cropped compressed Rita Rosenback StCm Hi, I am Rita Rosenback, the author of “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” and the blogger on this site. Children and languages are my passion, and I have written my book for parents and carers in families with more than one language. It is an easy-to-read guide with practical advice for parents raising bilingual children. The book’s subtitle “Navigating the seven Cs of multilingual parenting: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, Culture and Celebration” lists the core components of successfully passing on a family language to the next generation. In addition to the down-to-earth hints and tips I also tell you about my family’s journey and how my daughters acquired their languages. The Special Edition contains two additional chapters – the first one list ideas on how to engage your child to speak your language and the second is a list of encouraging thoughts for when you need them the most. Buying the Special Edition also gives you access to additional resources on the website.



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  • Minority language at home - mL@H: use it if you can!
  • Minority language at home – mL@H: use it if you can!
  • Last week’s post was about the more popular of the bilingual family language strategies: one parent/person, one language or simply OPOL as it is generally know. This week it is the turn of the approach called minority language at home, with the slightly more complicated acronym of mL@H. As the name indicates, a family that [...]
  • One parent, one language – OPOL is dead, long live OPOL!
  • One parent, one language – OPOL is dead, long live OPOL!
  • Which strategy should you use to raise your bilingual child? Ask the question and you can be forgiven for getting all confused with the different viewpoints you are offered both by experts and other parents. Today I will take a closer look at the best-known of the family language strategies: one parent, one language, aka [...]
  • 12 things parents of bilingual children need to know
  • 12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know
  • This post is also available in the following languages (click on the picture to read the post). More translations to follow:                         1 – It doesn’t happen by magic Children do not become bilingual “by magic”. There is a persistent myth claiming that “children [...]
  • Time and place - T&P as a family language strategy
  • Time and place – T&P as a family language strategy
  • When raising a bilingual child, it is always good to plan ahead so that everyone is clear about who is going to speak what language in the family when the new baby arrives. This post is the third post in my series of different approaches parents can take if they decide to bring their child [...]

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  • Q&A: Changing the family language strategy
  • Question Hi! We are a Swedish-Austrian family living in Sweden. Our children are 4.5 and 3 years old and are both born in Austria. We moved to Sweden 2 years ago. We chose the OPOL strategy since we were living in Austria at the beginning and my husband did not speak much Swedish at the [...]
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