Could you give me your ideas of how to create a language rich preschool environment in a community of minority language speakers. I see that parents think it’s better for their children to speak the majority language. The minority language has no books in their language yet. Would you have any sources of academic literature which support this?

Thank you!


Dear Gayle,

Your question is quite interesting and would be of interest to many families around the world. Creating a language preschool is a great idea, as it will allow the children to get together in the minority language. They will then realize they are not the only ones in the same situation. To create a group, whether you see it as a preschool or a language group, you have to know the legislation of the country where you live. In some countries, it is quite simple to create it as an association; in other the rules can be quite tricky. The best way is to get together as a group of parents and see what can be done. Do you wish the children to practise the language only? Via games? Via craft activities? Where do you wish to meet? How often do you wish to meet? Who is going to prepare the activities? Would you like them to learn to read and write in the minority language? Many questions would then arise from your group of parents. Once you have decided where, who, which age group, how, with whom, you can then start. It is a lot of planning, but it is worth it as I have done it myself in the country where I live now.

I do not know of any academic literature to help create a group in a minority language. However, there are many articles and books which support and encourage the use of the minority language as often as possible and in as many manners as possible. Many groups/associations/schools to support minority languages have been created around the world. When you search through the web, you will be very surprised at their number. To finish, if you let us know in which country you are we may be able to give you more detailed information on how to set up a preschool or group in the minority language.

I hope I have answered your question, but please fee free to come back to us with any further questions.

Kind regards