Sep 212016
5 thoughts to boost the confidence of parents of bilingual children

As parents most of us have an ideal picture of what we want our children to be like when they grow up. Some of us are more specific than others with regards to the personality traits and behaviours we wish for our children, but for most of us ‘happy’, ‘honest’ and ‘confident’ feature high on […]

Sep 122016
40 ways to motivate bilingual children to speak the minority language

Babies and toddlers During the early years of your child’s “talking career” you may be holding a monologue for much of the time, but this is when you set the foundation for the language and there is a lot you can do to encourage your little one to start talking. Make talking your minority language […]

Sep 072016
From the diary of a bilingual mother, part 20 (penned by daddy)

  Fantastic news from the father of our fictional multilingual family, who are living the very real highs and lows of millions of bilingual mothers, fathers and children across the world.  They welcome the latest addition to their family on what is the last page from the diary for now. Don’t despair, though, there will […]

Aug 312016
5 thoughts about consistency when using OPOL (one parent, one language)

“We are doing OPOL and I find it impossible to stay consistent in my language use – is my child’s bilingualism doomed?” – this question (or perhaps a less dramatic version of it) often pops up in forums for parents raising bilingual kids. Among the replies you will find on one hand those who state that […]

Aug 242016
“Does my bilingual child have a language delay?”

Amongst the most frequently expressed worries in different forums for parents raising bilingual children are concerns about potential delays in language development. Several research studies have found that bilingualism does not cause language delay (read more in e.g Dual Languages Development and Disorders: A Handbook on Bilingualism and Second Language Learning by Paradis, Genesee & […]

Aug 102016
Holidays in Finland, part 1

This is the time of the year when I take a bit of a break from blogging and relax on a family holiday in my native Finland. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy – more to follow next week!                  

Aug 032016
From the diary of a bilingual mother, part 19

Extremely excited and somewhat worried – our bilingual mother’s feelings summed up this week. Real emotions in a fictional setting. Monday Anytime within the next two or three weeks our family member count will go up by one more son or daughter! We don’t know the gender and the predictions are 50/50. S wishes he […]

Jul 272016
10 things parents of bilingual children do differently

As parents we want to do what’s best for our children – this affects how we behave in our everyday lives when it comes to choice of anything from food and clothing to school and the place we live in. In addition, parents of bilingual children have one more aspect to take into consideration: the […]