Holidays in Finland, part 2

Our yearly stay in Finland is drawing to an end … here are some more pictures from our thoroughly enjoyable family holiday. Normal blogging routines will resume next week.


Kasnäs, Finland

When you look at a map of Finland, you can see a lot of forest and water, and a long coast line, so many families have their own boats. The coastal harbours welcome many visitors from other parts of Finland as well as from abroad. [Kasnäs, southern Finland]

Kimito island archipelago, Finland

If you happen to live in the archipelago, a boat is a necessity. When others step into their car to visit a nearby town, you hop into your boat… [Kimito island archipelago]

Dalsbruk, Finland

… park in the harbour and do your shopping! [Dalsbruk on Kimito island]

Rauma, Finland

We were able to fit in a visit in the beautiful old town of Rauma on the west coast famous for …



… its intricate, hand-made lace and gorgeous old wooden houses.



There is always time for some more foraging – thanks to the recent rains, there are plenty of interesting, colourful mushrooms in the forests. I only pick the ones I am 100% sure I know, and our hands-down favourites are of course…



… chantarelles (or you may know them as girolles). The provide you the joy of searching, excitement of finding and pleasure of preparing them and at the end of it you have a truly scrumptious meal!


Children's books in Swedish

We are so happy to have been given books in Swedish and of course we have also taken the opportunity to stock up on reading material for the little sunshine of our family …


"Bringing up a Bilingual Child"

… who has been helping me make the initial plan for the second edition of my book. His input has been invaluable 🙂

May the peace and power be with you. Yours, Rita © Rita Rosenback 2019
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