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Since starting the blog in 2012 I have published more than four hundred articles on my Multilingual Parenting site. 400 articles – that is a lot of posts and Q&As on the topic of raising bilingual children!

With this a significant number of articles, I realise that it may not always be easy to locate the exact piece of advice, knowledge or inspiration you are looking for. Therefore, I have decided to do a site revamp to give it a better structure and make it easier to navigate. It will still have the same look and feel, but you will hopefully be able to find what you are searching for more easily.

I am currently also creating an ebook based on my From the diary of a bilingual mother series. While I am working on the website and ebook (in addition to continuing with my coaching), naturally, there will be less time for writing new blog posts, so bear with me – normal blogging routine will resume before the end of the year.

The Q&As will continue as normal, with two new ones published every week – new questions are welcome, though the waiting time is currently about two months, so please make sure to check the Q&A archive before submitting your query. Thank you to my fellow Family Language Coaches for working with me to answer all the questions coming in!

May the peace and power be with you.


© Rita Rosenback 2017

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