“After reading this book, I had the feeling that Rita Rosenback could convince anyone to raise a bilingual child.  She has accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge about what, when, and how to do it.  The sense I got was that I am hearing from someone who has experienced almost every imaginable scenario that a parent could face.  She dispels myths while remaining realistic about the effort necessary to teach a child two languages.  To top it off, the book ends with a set of materials that parents can use to organize themselves.  I highly recommend this book to any parent who would like to raise their child to speak more than one language.  If you have any doubt about the value of bilingualism, this book will erase it for eternity.”

Arturo E. Hernandez,
Professor of Psychology,
University of Houston
author of The Bilingual Brain (Oxford University Press)


“You are holding a very special book in your hands:  behind the clarity and depth of its content, this work is ground based upon years of experience and knowledge from the author.  This turned out to be to priceless to me:  this book , written by a mother of two children,  will guide you through the entire path of multilingual parenting.”

Galina Nikita


“Bringing Up a Bilingual Child is an exceptional reference for multilingual families who want enrich brain development, communication skills and spirit.”

Lisa Lewis, MD


“Rita has become my go-to person in raising my children bilingually (French and English). Her straightforward advice, great ideas, and upbeat attitude, as well as her own success as a parent raising multilingual children, gives me the encouragement and motivation I need to keep on track with my own kids.”

Carol Callicotte-Belmon


“Rita is tack-sharp in the advice she offers to the challenges of raising bilingual children. She brings with her a wealth of information: years of personal experience in raising her daughters multilingually as well as a cultured mind in all the latest bilingual research. Part of her wisdom is her ability to observe people and to accurately perceive different situations. In that way, her down to earth tips always hit the nail right on the head. Rita is a strong advocate in the growing trend of raising bilingual children with her simple yet resourceful advice.”

Maria Babin


“Being bilingual is a major commitment that parents, teachers, caregivers and the social environment our children grow up in need to engage. Rita Rosenback gives a very detailed description of seven indispensable pillars for a successful bilingual upbringing of our children.”

Ute Limacher-Riebold


“Rita is wise, mother-hen-gracious, kind and down-to-earth about dispensing advice on the joys and challenges of raising multilingual children. I would know – she’s been a saving grace when I started doubting my own resolution of raising my son bilingual. She’s not only a great resource, but like a welcoming friend ready to lend a helping hand.”

Rina Mae Acosta