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Myths, Benefits & Challenges of Raising a Multi-Lingual Child

Host: Win Win Parenting

Do you or your partner speak more than one language at home? Would you like to raise your child to be multilingual but you’re worried that they might:

  • Fall behind in language development?
  • Not do as well at school?
  • Get confused between the languages?
  • Not want to learn one or more languages

Bringing up Bilingual Children with Rita Rosenback

Host: Thriving Abroad

Why is it that some people seem to absorb languages like a sponge and others struggle? This is a question we have asked ourselves for many years. Learning a second, third or even fourth language can sometimes feel a bit of a battle for everyone, adults and children alike

Mother Of Two Adult Bilingual Daughters And Language Expert Shares Her Bilingual Journey

Host: Bilingual Kids Rock

Is it really realistic to raise multilingual children? Is it even possible? How does one begin to do it?

Rita Rosenback may just have all of the answers for us. Not only is she a parent to two multi-lingual children but she is also an actual language expert.

Bringing up Bilingual Children with Rita Rosenback

Host: Bilingual Avenue

On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I interview Rita Rosenback, a mother to two multilingual daughters and the author of Bringing up a Bilingual Child.  Rita discusses the 7 C’s parents need to navigate their multilingual children: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, Culture and Celebration. 

Bringing up a Bilingual Child with Rita Rosenback

Host: The Global Mom Show

Today, I talk with Rita Rosenback, author of Bringing Up a Bilingual Child, How to Navigate the 7 Cs of Bilingual Parenting. Rita is a full time writer, speaker, trainger and coach, and she maintains a blog that serves as a resource for bilingual families, Multilingual Parenting. Rita speaks Swedish, Finnish, English, German, and some Punjabi, and has worked as a language teacher, interpreter, translator, and manager of multinational teams.