Q&A Sessions


Our experienced Family Language Coaches answer questions on raising bilingual and multilingual children

Every family is unique, what works in one family or situation may not be possible to apply to another, no matter how similar the challenges may seem. We know, as we have over the years answered several hundreds of questions from parents, grandparents and young adults, as well as teachers and other professionals.

If you have a question and cannot find the answer in our posts or previous Q&As, please, get in touch. We will be happy to tackle your specific challenge and give you practical tips and sensible advice on how to move forward.

What are the Q&A Sessions

During the Q&A sessions you can get an answer to your specific challenges live on air. Submit your question via the form and we will be in touch. If your query is selected for a broadcast, you can add any follow-up questions in the comments during the live session and those will be picked up, too.

Keep an eye out for the Live Q&A date announcements in our Facebook group and page. (Note that due to the many questions coming in, you will not necessarily get a quick response.)

Your Questions Answered

Do you have a question you would like to put to our team of Family Language Coaches? Submit your question here and we will pick it up either during one of our Live Q&A sessions or in an article on this site.

To enable us to give the best possible answer, make sure you include the following information: child’s age, languages spoken in the family and the community, location (country). Describe your challenge in as much detail as possible.

Should you wish to stay anonymous, please let us know and we will change your name and any other details which would allow others to identify you.


Ep. 28

2nd family language? Immersion / monolingual school? Nanny’s language? When to start? Too late?

Ep. 27

How to motivate a 2-year-old to respond in the minority language?

Ep. 26

Q1 – How to include stepchildren when passing on a different language to theirs to a new baby?

Ep. 25

Raise a trilingual child? Parent as only speaker of a language? Non-fluent heritage language?

Ep. 24

Q1 – 1 parent, 2 languages? Introduce home language? Switch? Consistency? Similar languages?

Ep. 23

Q1 – How to include stepchildren when passing on a different language to theirs to a new baby?

Ep. 22

Dual immersion in minority language or a 3rd language? Which language should a nanny speak?

Ep. 21

Q1 – Bilingual nursery for active child?

Ep. 20

Q1 – Which language to speak with a toddler?

Ep. 19

Bilingual parent switch to minority language? OPOL or mL@H? Are five languages too much?

Ep. 18

How to consistently stick to the minority language? How to determine a child’s mother tongue?

Ep. 17

Mother’s switch to native language? Speaking a non-native language, even when it is difficult?

Ep. 16

How can one parent pass on two languages?

Ep. 15

Q1 – Does bilingualism cause language confusion?

Ep. 14

Translating books on the fly? Should a toddler attend playgroup to learn the school language?

Ep. 13

Do we have to do OPOL? Family language priorities? Does bilingualism cause language delay?

Ep. 12

Q1: Will four languages be confusing for a baby?

Ep. 11

Q1: Would a third language at a nursery be too much for a 4-year-old?

Ep. 10

How to maximise the exposure to the minority language? Speaking two languages with a child?

Ep. 9

Q1: What language to speak with a child when the extended family is around?

Ep. 8

Q: Can a child pick up four languages at the same time?

Ep. 7

Is it okay to speak a non-native language with a baby? Other ways to teach the language?

Ep. 6

Introduce different script? Teacher’s use of language? 1 parent, 2 languages? New language?

Ep. 5

Reintroduce a language? 1 parent – 2 languages? Motivate a child to speak? Non-native language?

Ep. 4

Is it okay to speak a non-native language with a baby? Other ways to teach the language?

Ep. 3

Language switch = confusion? Language exposure? Motivation to speak? 3rd language for baby?

Ep. 2

How to motivate a toddler? Raise a quadrilingual? Should parents only speak a native language?

Ep. 1

Math tuition language? Non-native language? Reintroducing a language? Confusion?