Information, advice, 1-2-1 coaching and other services for parents and educators raising bilingual and multilingual children.


Family Language Coaching

Are you expecting a bilingual baby?

Does your little one not want to speak your language? Do you have three or more languages in your growing family and wondering how to juggle them all? Are you the only speaker of a language you would like to pass on to your children? I can support you with these challenges and many more during Individual Family Language Coaching sessions. Please get in touch to arrange a free exploration session to find out how we can work together.

Q&A Sessions and Articles

Do you have a specific question about your family’s language setup? Multilingual Parenting holds regular live Q&A sessions as well as Q&A posts where our team of Family Language Coaches address your concerns about raising a child to speak more than one language. These sessions are free to attend and you can send your questions whenever you like.

Expat Family Support

Have your family recently moved to a different country or are you planning to settle in an area where a different language is spoken? Do you have questions about how to deal with the language situation? Which languages should your children learn? Maybe you wonder how you can keep the existing ones going?  Please get in touch and we can set up your tailor-made Family Language Plan.

Bilinguals at School

Do you teach at a school with pupils from many cultures and with several languages? Are you a member of a community group connecting other people from your country or culture? Please get in touch and I can come and give a talk or arrange a workshop at your meetings, parents’ evenings or teacher training days. I always include a Question and Answer session in my presentations.

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Bringing up A Bilingual Child

“Bringing up a Bilingual Child” is a positive parenting book, instilling confidence in your ability to pass on a family language. It gives practical advice on how to do it and presents soutions to challenges you may encounter.

“If I need to describe this book in one word, I would choose “motivating”. The overall message of the book is to keep the motivation high during the long and demanding journey of multilingual parenting.”

Welcome to Multilingual Parenting 

Welcome to Multilingual Parenting, your go-to place for ideas, advice and services on the topic of raising children to speak two or more languages. Whether you are a parent, childminder, teacher or other professional working with children in a multilingual context, we can help you with your questions.

There are more than 500 informative articles and Q&A posts on our site for you to read. Scroll down to see the main categories and choose from there to get started. Alternatively, type a keyword into the Search box. 

Should you not find the answer to your specific conundrum, you have several options:


I’m so happy to stumble upon this website. It is lovely to see that we are not the only one with many MANY questions about raising a multilingual individual and that there is help out there.


March 2019


Thank you for your excellent website, Facebook page and newsletter – all fantastic resources for multilingual parents and children!


November 2018


I came across your website while I was researching on how to raise trilingual children. First of all, I would like to thank you for creating such a comprehensive page. I am really happy to have encountered it. 


June 2020

Meet Rita 

Hi, lovely to connect with you!

My name is Rita Rosenback and I am the driving force behind this website, its activities and services. Children and languages are my passion and I have combined the two in what has become my calling and career. I strongly believe that the more languages we can speak the better it is for our future, not only as individuals and families, but as communities and countries of this one world we all share. Raising children to speak more than one language allows them to communicate and be the future bridge-builders between generations, cultures, countries and creeds…

Multilingual Parenting Services

Family Language Coaching

Do you have questions on how to make the most of the languages in your child’s environment? Are you worried that your heritage language is going to be left behind and that your children will not be able to communicate with their extended family? Are you concerned that the many language you have in your family will confuse your child?

Please get in touch to arrange a free on-line exploration session to see how I can best help you. A few coaching sessions or Family Language Plan can help you on your way to successfully raising your child to become bilingual or multilingual. A small investment in your children’s future now can be life-changing for them later.

Speaking Engagements

Do you arrange talks for parent or educators of children with more than one language? 

Rita Rosenback has presented on the topic on international conferences, at schools, expat groups, community and parent groups. Local schools can apply for a pro bono presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

Expat Family Support

Are you about to make your first international move and wonder how you are going to juggle all the languages?

Or are you concerned that 6th move with yet another language being added to your child’s language repertoire may be one too much?

Will your child attend school in a different language? Contact me for a free online exploration session and we can discuss your concerns and find out how I can support you.