• 10 ways to motivate a bilingual baby and toddler
  • 10 ways to motivate your bilingual baby and toddler to speak
  •   Starting early, getting into the habit and staying positive are some of the vital components for getting your bilingual baby or toddler to speak a minority language. This is a short video based on the first part of the post 40 ways to motivate bilingual children to speak the minority language.
  • 12 Things Parents Raising Bilingual Children Need To Know VIDEO
  • 12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know VIDEO
  •   Video based on the popular post 12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know The blog article is also available in Belarusian, Catalan, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukranian. Is your language not on [...]
  • How to use monolingual toys to motivate bilingual children
  • How to use “monolingual toys” to motivate bilingual children
  •   “How do I introduce another language for my toddler?” “How can I motivate my little one to speak my language?” “How to have fun when practicing the kids’ minority language?” These are questions I often get in the queries sent to our team of Family Language Coaches. One of the recommendations I often give [...]
  • Miss Panda Chinese: 8 tips to boost your family's multilingual journey
  • 8 tips to boost your family’s multilingual journey [guest post]
  • Today I am delighted to introduce you to our new Family Language Coach, Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett, a.k.a, Miss Panda Chinese. Amanda is a successful language instructor with over 15 years’ teaching experience in Taiwan, the U.S., Morocco, Canada, and Ecuador. She now lives in the U.S. with her husband and two bilingual children.  Enjoy Amanda’s excellent [...]
  • Grandparents as language support for bilingual children
  • Grandparents as language support for bilingual children
  • As parents raising bilingual children we know how important it is to give our kids as varied an exposure to their languages as possible. This becomes even more crucial if we are passing on a minority language. Building a network of people who can support us in this task is important and a good and [...]
  • Bilingual children – no language confusion!
  • Bilingual children – no language confusion!
  •   We have answered more than two hundred questions on the topic of raising bilingual children, and the worry that gets mentioned most frequently is whether kids growing up to learn more than one language can get confused by the languages in their family and environment. Again and again we emphasize that this is a [...]

  • 12 things parents of bilingual children need to know
  • 12 things parents raising bilingual children need to know
  • This post is also available in the following languages (click on the picture to read the post). More translations to follow: 1 – It doesn’t happen by magic Children do not become bilingual “by magic”. There is a persistent myth claiming that “children are like sponges when it comes to language” and that they will [...]

  • How can a small bilingual child learn two additional languages?
  • Q&A: How can a small bilingual child learn two additional languages?
  •   Question Dear Coaches, I would greatly appreciate your advice regarding raising a multilingual son in the following language environment: I would like my son to speak English, Hungarian, German and Spanish. We live in the US, my husband is American and only speaks English. I am Hungarian and speak Hungarian, English and German at [...]

  • Rita Golstein-Galperin
  • Raising two very different multilingual Third Culture Kids [guest post]
  • Today’s captivating guest post is by multilingual mother Rita Golstein-Galperin, a Career Makeover Strategist® for international women and the founder of Reinvent Yourself Club. She is a multicultural mother of two TCKs (Third Culture Kids) in Paris and a passionate lover of all chocolate. She is also an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and a career and business [...]


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