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My name is Rita Rosenback and I founded Multilingual Parenting as a blog in January 2012. Languages have always been a great passion of mine and after studying German, Swedish and Finnish in both Finland and Germany I have worked as a language teacher, interpreter, translator and as a manager of multinational teams. I am now a full-time writer, speaker, trainer and coach.

Children and languages are my passion and I have combined the two in what has become my calling and career. I strongly believe that the more languages we can speak the better it is for our future, not only as individuals and families, but as communities and countries of this one world we all share. Raising children to speak more than one language allows them to communicate and be the future bridge-builders between generations, cultures, countries and creeds.

Having grown up in a bilingual household with a Finnish-speaking mother and a Swedish-speaking father in a tiny village in the Finnish countryside I went on to study languages at Åbo Akademi, the Swedish-speaking university of Finland. I studied German, Swedish and Finnish along with some Dutch, French and Spanish, spending some time at the Georg-August Universität in Göttingen, Germany.

My first book “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” was inspired by my experience of raising two daughters to speak our family languages, Finnish, Swedish, Punjabi and English. The book is an easy-to-read guide for parents in multilingual families, with practical advice and ideas on how to successfully pass on family languages to the next generation. My second book is the fictional Diary of a Bilingual Mother, an ebook coming out soon.

Whatever free time I have, I love spending with family, and of course with my international friends, many of which I have met through two organisations very close to my heart: FIGT – Families in Global Transition and MKB – Multicultural Kid Blogs.

You can find out more about me and my mission in the several podcasts, interviews and articles I have been featured in.

Thank you for being part of the Multilingual Parenting community!



I came across this website by chance. I have read a lot of the Q&A and I am so delighted with your posts! particularly the fact that your indications are evidence-based.


March 2020


Thank you very much for all the amazing advice you are providing for the families on this website: navigating multilingualism when raising kids is complicated to say the least and this is a precious help!




That’s one great website I have just found and it’s a pity I haven’t found it earlier. Made me feel a bit better and encouraged me as well. 😊


December 2017

Solutions to your bilingual and multilingual challenges

Tailored Support for Multilingual Families

Single advice sessions or longer-term Family Language Coaching during which we tackle your specific language challenges and create an achievable Family Language Plan.

Talks and Advice for Groups or Communities

For parent and community groups we arrange talks with Question and Answer sessions about raising bilingual and multilingual children.

Conference Keynotes Speeches

Rita Rosenback is available for keynote speeches at conferences on bilingual children.

Training and Workshops for Teachers

Teacher training aimed at those with bilingual and multilingual children in their classes, tailored to the needs of the schools.

Language Support for Expat Employees

Advice sessions for parents with children relocating to a different language environment.