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Rita Rosenback

Happy to meet you here! My name is Rita Rosenback and I founded Multilingual Parenting as a blog in January 2012. Languages have always been a great passion of mine and after studying German, Swedish and Finnish in both Finland and Germany I have worked as a language teacher, interpreter, translator and as a manager of multinational teams. I am now a full-time writer, speaker, trainer and coach.
Bringing up a Bilingual Child by Rita Rosenback


Having brought up two daughters to speak the family languages I wanted to share with others what I learnt along the way. In 2014 I published my first book Bringing up a Bilingual Child which is an easy-to-read guide for parents and educators of children learning to speak more than one language. You can read more about the book and order your own signed copy here.

Multilingual Parenting Q&A

Have a question about your own family language situation?

Why not submit it to our Family Language Coach Team! We answer the questions in first come, first served order – the sooner you submit your question, the quicker you will get our reply.

Want tailored support for your multilingual family?

Get in touch and we can work together to analyse your family’s language situation, define your goals and set up a unique Family Language Plan for you.

Multilingual Parenting Teacher Training

Training for teachers at Finnish Schools in the UK

Looking for advice and help for your parent or community group?

Please contact me – most of my events are in the U.K., but I also do talks and training online, and I have contacts to other language coaches across the world, so I am sure we can find you the right solution.

Interested in training or a speaking event for the teachers and/or parents at your school?

Send me a message with some specifics about what you are looking for and I will get back to you with a few suggestions.

Need someone to support your expat employees with the family languages?

Moving to another country is a big step for a family and when there is a different language involved, it is even more challenging. Contact me!

Expat Show

“Strategies for raising bilingual children” – Ignite session at the Expat Show in London.

Thanks for a such a wonderful blog, it has definitely encouraged us to raise our yet unborn baby multilingual. – Juan

Thanks again for the article! Sometimes bilingualism feels like a lonely road and it’s great to hear other experiences and very good advice! – Diana