Raising Multilinguals LIVE!

Raising Multilinguals LIVE is a broadcast series on the topic of raising bilingual and multilingual children.

RML was founded in 2020 by Rita and her friends and colleagues, Ute Limacher-Riebold of Ute’s International Lounge and Tetsu Yung of AskTetsu as a platform to bring live interviews with experts and experienced parents on various aspects of raising children to speak more than one language.

“Our vision is to give everyone access to fact-based, practical information on raising bilingual and multilingual children

Through the broadcasts, RML aims to translate current research findings into practical advice for parents, give the audience the chance to place their own questions directly to the experts, and to share tried and tested tips and tricks with parents and educators.

“We want children across the world to thrive through languages, so our mission is to interview experts and experienced people in the field of bilingualism and provide parents, educators, other professionals and anyone interested in the topic with relevant advice and hands-on tips on how to raise children to speak more than one language.”

The sessions are usually aired on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1 pm New York, 6 pm London and 7 pm Paris time – allowing for some exceptions due to daylight savings time and experts located in different time zones.

Our Highly Interesting Interviews 


Ep. 18

Dr. Francesca La Morgia & Dr. Sharon Unsworth – Podcasts about raising multilinguals

Ep. 17

The topic of this session is: Family languages on the move.




Ep. 16

Prof. Janice Nakamura – Bilingual children who understand but only speak one language?

Ep. 15

How can parents of bilingual and multilingual children make the most of the time they have with them to maximise the language exposure?

Ep. 14

You have probably heard about Family Language Policies, what they are good for and what families should consider when setting up a Family Language Plan.

Ep. 13

Shereen Sharaan – Impact of bilingualism on autistic children

Ep. 12

2020 Round Up Session

Ep. 11

Parents Session – Passing on an additional language in a different script

Ep. 10

Ellen Rose Kambel – The Language Friendly School: Creating a Global Community

Ep. 9

Prof. Arturo Hernandez – How do children and adults learn languages differently

Ep. 8

Dr. Mary Pat O’Malley – When Your Bilingual Child Seems Late To Talk

Ep. 7

Prof. Mila Schwartz – Importance of the role of children when choosing a right language strategy

Ep. 6

Jonty Yamisha – Raising multilingual children in endangered and less accessible languages

Ep. 5

Prof. Ellen Bialystok – Why is speaking more than one language good for your child?

Ep. 4

Dr. Thomas H Bak – Bilingualism and the brain

Ep. 3

Dr. Dina Mehmedbegovic-Smith – How is a Healthy Linguistic Diet beneficial for our children?

Ep. 2

Prof. Antonella Sorace – Common methods to raise multilingual children

Ep. 1

Dr. Thomas H Bak – Bilingualism and the brain