Multilingual Parenting offers:

Family Language Coaching

Make the most of the languages in your child’s environment.
Coaching and advice for parents to raise their children to speak more than one language.

Available in person or via Skype.

Speaking Engagements

Talks and workshops for schools with children from multilingual and multicultural backgrounds, e.g. for teacher training days and parent evenings.

Presentations with Q&A sessions for community and parent groups. Keynote speeches for conferences.

Expat Family Support

Personalized support on learning new languages, relocation, schools.

Family Language Coaching

Do you have questions on how to make the most of the languages in your child’s environment? Are you worried that your heritage language is going to be left behind and that your children will not be able to communicate with their extended family? Are you concerned that the many language you have in your family will confuse your child?

Please get in touch to arrange a free on-line exploration session to see how I can best help you. A few coaching sessions or Family Language Plan can help you on your way to successfully raising your child to become bilingual or multilingual. A small investment in your children’s future now can be life-changing for them later.

Tailormade 1-to-1 Family Language Coaching focusing on the specific challenges and languages of the family. Coaching usually happens online, but in-person coaching is also available.

Typical client families include:

  • expectant parents with more than one language to pass on to the baby
  • families where children are reluctant to speak the minority language
  • multilingual families juggling three or more languages
  • monolingual families looking to raise a bilingual child
  • single parents passing on two family languages
  • families moving to a different language environment

Speaking Engagements

Do you arrange talks for parent or educators of children with more than one language? 

Rita Rosenback has presented on the topic on international conferences, at schools, expat groups, community and parent groups.

Local schools can apply for a pro bono presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

Parent and community groups

Presentations, workshops, and talks with Q&A sessions focusing on the specific challenges and languages of the group. 

Typical groups include:

  • minority language associations
  • antenatal parent groups
  • new parent groups
  • parent and toddler groups
  • expat employees
  • PTAs (Parent-Teacher Associations)

Schools, nurseries and professional associations

Presentations, workshops and talks with Q&A sessions addressing challenges in multilingual educational and professional contexts.

Events typically held for:

  • weekend schools
  • teacher training days
  • nursery staff 
  • paediatricians, midwives and health visitors
  • social workers

Expat Family Support

Are you about to make your first international move and wonder how you are going to juggle all the languages?

Or are you concerned that 6th move with yet another language being added to your child’s language repertoire may be one too much?

Will your child attend school in a different language?

Contact me for a free online exploration session and we can discuss your concerns and find out how I can support you.


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