PEaCH Project

Multilingual Parenting Ab, the Finnish sister company of the UK-based Talkin’ Ltd (trading name is one of three partners in the Erasmus+ funded PEaCH Project.

PEaCH stands for “Preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and linguistic heritage through the empowerment of bilingual children and families”.

PEaCH is a two-year project and Rita is contributing to all aspects of it. She is the co-author of “How to raise a bilingual child” and has contributed to the storyboards and translations of the videos. Rita is also the coordinator of the online collection of language resources and a co-author of the educators’ guide.

She oversaw the application and selection process of the PEaCH Ambassador Network and is currently coordinating the activities of more than 100 passionate PEaCH Ambassadors who are spreading the PEaCH Project’s positive message about bilingualism across the EU and the world.

The PEaCH project supports families raising bilingual and multilingual children in different ways:

Free handbook for parents in six language versions

Informative videos to complement the guide