Aug 292015

Thank you to Shane Whelan from ULearn for this great infographic!

Guide to raising bilingual children


  11 Responses to “Guide to raising bilingual children [infographic]”

  1. I like this poster and where can I get this hard copy for my office here please?

    Dr. Conama
    Centre for Deaf Studies
    Trinity College Dublin

  2. Great infographic! Would it be possible to receive/buy a hard copy (or a file that can be printed) for a bilingual school in Finland? Thank you.

  3. Hello, I would like the contact info too. I am working in France and would like to adapt it if possible.
    Thank you!


  4. Agree with all that is written in this post!May I have a copy for my school?thank you

  5. Bilanguage is very useful especially the foreign children. It will be great to know how to teach them to know more their their mother language. I’ll observe their ability and use this method to improve their skill.

  6. Great! Would it be possible to receive a hard copy (or a file that can be printed) for a bilingual school in Venezuela? Thank you.

  7. Hi, Can I have the link to download and print out a copy for a school in Hangzhou, China?

  8. I am in the process of teaching my baby Spanish and it hadn’t occurred to me to set up playdates with people who speak Spanish. Of course! I will look for new friends soon! Thank you!

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