Thoughts from me to you for 2016

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Thoughts from me to you for 2016

Of some reason, the first post of the year seems to call for something special – reflections, resolutions, goals and the like. When you think of it, it is however just another post – it is the initial article after a date that was once chosen to be the first day of our planet’s next revolution around the sun. A totally random point on a continuum of time spans called days.

I will pick up on the word ‘continuum’, because I think continuing what has worked well is the best thing to do in any activity. Keeping the habits that help us reach the goals we have, whatever they may be. To read more about helpful habits for parents of bilingual children, I recommend that you check out last year’s first post: 5 habits for parents of bilingual children.

I want you to know that you are doing a good job – it does not matter where you are on the journey of raising your child (-to-be) to become bilingual, you are okay. You would not be reading this post or my blog if you were not taking the right steps to reach your goal of a multilingual family and bilingual kids. Remember that you are the one who decides what success looks like. Do not let other parents’ different goals blur your own vision of where you want to be. No matter how much or little your child learns of your language, it is a plus. Your efforts have left a positive mark – be it that your child becomes fluent in several languages, learns to understand an additional one or becomes interested in learning. You are doing fine.

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Whichever path you choose, I want to walk alongside you and help you with my posts in any way I can. During 2016 I will continue to offer encouragement, tips and support in weekly posts and our team will continue to answer your questions every Thursday. There will also be more guest posts from different experts in the field of bilingual children as well as from parents telling about their experiences in their own unique families.

Additionally at least one, hopefully several ebooks will see the light of day and there will be more online videos for you to watch. You will also see changes on the website early in the year – we are working on getting at least some of them ready for the 3-year-anniversary later in the month.

Lots of things are happening, but there is always space for more – and you can be part of filling this available space by letting me know what you would like me to write about! Send me an email to rita [at] multilingualparenting [dot] com and I will get back to you.

May this ongoing earth revolution around the sun be a good one for you and …

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