Multilingual Parenting 2013 Highlights

Here are some of the many highlights of my first blogging year:

Started blog
It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since I started this blog – it seems to have gone so quickly… time does fly when you are having fun! What a year it has been – I have learnt so much about everything from blogging and social media in general to other bilingual families’ experiences in particular.

The most read single posts
During our holiday in Finland, I was pondering what to write about when I realised that it was literally right there in front of me where I was sitting at the kitchen table! So I interviewed my youngest daughter Daniela about how it has been for her to grow up to become bilingual and how it has benefitted her life. This was the most popular post of the year. The runner up in the popularity contest was “What’s the point of speaking your language, Mum?”, a post which resonated with many readers as it is the question a parent of a bilingual child does not want to hear.

The most read series of posts
‘Things you shouldn’t do when raising a bilingual child’ has been the most popular series, closely followed by my ‘A-B-C for parents raising bilingual children’ series: A-F, G-L, M-S and T-Z in December. I loved writing the A-B-C, though some letters were more challenging than others (she thinks ‘X’ and smiles).

Funniest real story
A kitten is probably not amongst the first resources you would think to turn to when you want to introduce a language to your child, but this is what happened for us. “Pricken – the Swedish speaking kitten” tells the tale about how I got my 5-year old daughter Minna to accept Swedish as our new common language.

European multilingual blogging day
In November I took part in the European Multilingual Blogging day, writing in German, Finnish, Swedish and my Finland-Swedish dialect. My dialect post had so many reads and comments that I decided to set up a separate blog for it: It’s a challenge as there are no rules for how to write the dialect, but I thoroughly enjoy it and it helps me keep in touch with people back home in Finland.

Connecting with other like-minded bloggers
Joining communities of other bloggers must have been amongst the best decisions I have made this year. I have found so many new interesting blogs and come in contact with truly inspiring people. I have so far taken part in two blogging carnivals: ’20 reasons why I am thankful for my bilingual life and family’ in Raising Multilingual Children organised by The Piri-Piri Lexicon and ‘Our Christmas’ in Christmas in Different Lands at Multicultural Kid Blogs.

A want to say a huge and humble THANK YOU to all of you who have read my blog this year. I hope you will continue to follow me in to the new year. Today’s post has been about looking back at the past year – return tomorrow to read about my thoughts for 2014.

May the peace and power be with you.


© Rita Rosenback 2013