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The voice behind the blogI am so excited to share with you an interview I did earlier on this month. Thank you to Olena Centeno, one of the co-founders of Bilingual Kids Rock, who did all the hard work for this interview.

You can also listen to the interview on the Bilingual Kids Rock website, which is probably the best option if you want to jump to a specific part of the interview. On their iTunes podcast page you can also listen to other interesting interviews.

Rita Rosenback Interview

My interview lasts about half an hour and I would of course love it if you listened to all of it. Below is however a breakdown of the different topics covered during the interview so you can just listen in to whatever you find most interesting or relevant to your own situation.

01:40 – On my background
03:12 – Minna and Daniela, my bilingual daughters
05:35 – Our family’s initial strategy: one parent, one language
07:22 – My career in languages
08:12 – Whether to expect perfection from a bilingual child
09:12 – Language strategy after moving to the UK: two minority languages at home
09:58 – Getting bad advice on dropping a language
11:30 – How we supported the minority languages at home; consistency
13:15 – Literacy
14:50 – Being bilingual and bicultural
17:05 – How languages have helped Daniela in her studies
18:55 – About switching from Finnish to Swedish with Minna
23:40 – Balance between being consistent and rigid
25:50 – Using the minority language in public
27:28 – A multilingual, bicultural family unit
29:56 – Advice to parents raising multilingual children
31:47 – About my upcoming book on bringing up bilingual children

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  1. Paprika

    Hello Rita,

    I have been busy lately but I almost catch up with your latest posts 🙂
    What a wonderful podcast, I found it very interesting and useful.
    I don’t know if you have written here before about your school years in both, Swedish and Finnish language, but I think it would be really interesting.
    I am personally interested in the Finnish Educational System, I think is really interesting the way has been handled for the past decades.
    P.D. What a wonderful picture 🙂

  2. Rita Rosenback

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments! You are probably right that I haven’t specifically mentioned my school years … it was a long time ago, you know 😉
    If you are interested in the Finnish Educational System, then Tim Walker’s blog will be an interesting read for you:

  3. Olena Centeno

    Such an valuable advice, Rita! I love your multilingual story!

    • Rita Rosenback

      Thank you, Olena! Really enjoyed doing this interview with you – thank you again for all your hard work in getting it edited and uploaded to iTunes!

  4. Emelie

    Vilken trevlig podd! 🙂

    • Rita Rosenback

      Tack, Emelie! Roligt att du gillade den 🙂


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